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Although I have worked in the photography industry for over 20 years, It was only in 2011 that I purchased my very first DSLR camera. It was a trusty Nikon D3100 with a 18-55mm kit lens and I can remember taking it home and asking myself "where do I start?".


I'd studied graphic design in Liverpool and part of my course was C.S.E in photography, that was way back in the days of using film and developing your own prints, but being part of the digital age and working on Apple Mac computers, I was well aware of what creating digital images could achieve.


Self taught in Adobe software packages, I was soon downloading files from my Nikon D3100 and playing around with them in Adobe Photoshop and I was really impressed

with my early results.


It wasn't long before I was taking pictures of family members and friends, who then recommended me and my new found talent to their family and friends...this was a real confidence boost!


I was then recommended to an agency, who commissioned me to do my first ever corporate shoot, it was 2012 and I was so nervous, this was my chance to make a

good impression and push my skills.

I arrived with my basic kit and a bag of nerves...but my confidence was higher

than ever. The shoot went ahead and so did my career as a professional photographer, the images were perfect and I received amazing testimonials.


I have since gone on to upgrade my Nikon kit, have had many pieces of work published and in 2014, I won an award with the IPA for one of my creative advertising series.


The future for me and my photography seems bright, I still have so much to learn, I don't in fact think I'll ever learn it all, as a photographer I'll never master everything, but as a creative I will strive to produce the best photographic images I can.


I am a family man first, married to an amazingly supportive wife, whom without none of this would have been possible, and a father to 3 of the best kids ever, they inspire me everyday to be the best I can be!


Please feel free to contact me with any commission enquiry and join me on social media below.

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Self Portrait - Feb 2016