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Dave Henshaw

By Dave Henshaw, Mar 19 2016 12:13PM

I was really pleased to find out this morning, that one of the portrait I's taken of Maggsy last year had been given an FPI (Front Page Image) on the PurplePort website.

PurplePort is a modern and refreshing approach to the problem of finding people to work/collaborate with.

It doesn't matter whether you are an experienced photographer or a new model their mission is to provide you with one neat and easy to use service so you can find talented people to work with.

You can find out more about PurplePort and my FPI here - Take me to it!

Have a great weekend everyone!


By Dave Henshaw, Mar 18 2016 12:42PM

If you've ever had to buy branded workwear or uniforms, then you'll know just how much of a nightmare it can be!!!

There are so many companies online that promise you the earth, but when it comes down to actually providing what they say they will, it never happens.

Previously, my branded work wear with my old Take a Shot logo on took around 9wks to get delivered, it would have taken even longer if I hadn't chased them almost everyday after 6wks of waiting. When it finally arrived, I was pleased with the quality, but the delivery and service left a bitter taste in my mouth.

So this time around, I decided to do a bit more homework and search a little closer to home. I wanted somewhere that had stock that I could actually try on, instead of guessing sizes online, which once printed or embroidered can't be changed.

My search took me to several local companies, but one in particular really stood out!!!

They are called HIVIS and they are based in St. Helens. I called in on Monday 14th March with my new logo saved to a pen drive and I told them that I had an event on the Monday 21st March and asked if they could help me with my new polo shirts.

I was told that it was possible and I was then shown 3 or 4 different styles of polo shirt, they had every size in stock and a fitting room for me to try a few on. I decided which polo shirt I liked best, picked the right size and paid. In comparison to the last polo shirts I ordered, they were a good £4 cheaper and much better quality.

A proof was emailed to me on the 16th March, showing the exact stitching detail and positioning on the polo shirts, I was only able to check this and respond on the morning of Thursday 17th. I approved it all and within 2hrs I recieved a text message, advising me that my polo shirts were ready to collect!!!

It took them just 4 days...4 DAYS, not 9 WEEKS. I was absolutely delighted, so I called in and collected my order in complete satisfaction.

The staff here are extremely knowladgable and friendly and I'd recommend them to anyone, I personally can't thank them enough, well worth considering next time you order any personalised workwear.

Thank you HIVIS, I can't wait to wear my new top on Monday and I'll be in again soon to order more!


HIVIS Website - Click Here

By Dave Henshaw, Mar 16 2016 01:04AM

This week, I finally got the chance to work with British Hair & Fashion model Megan Brunell, I'm guessing that a lot of you will know her from the TV show Britains Next Top Model (BNTM).

She was styled by the amazing Christopher Melia at Liverpool's Star Salon for this year 'Trend Vision' awards.

My time with Megan was brief, we had less than 30 minutes to set up and get the final images, Megans expertise really shone through and it enabled me to actually focus on the photography, she needed little to no direction and it was a breath of fresh air. I am very pleased with the overall results, even if they were a little rushed and look forward to sharing them with you in the next few weeks, I'm pretty sure the team at Star Salon are onto a winner this year...they certainly deserve it!

Hopefully I will get to work with Megan again soon, I have spoken to her about a personal project and she seemed keen to get involved..so watch this space!

Have a great week everyone!


By Dave Henshaw, Mar 8 2016 10:21AM

One thing that I really enjoy, is sharing my passion for photography with like minded people and last night was no exception.

It was the second time that the South Manchester Camera Club (SMCC) had invited me to be a guest speaker and I've got to say, they really do have an amazing group of photographers, the standard of work is truly inspiring.

I'm hoping that in some small way the experiences I have shared with the SMCC will inspire them and that they can all go on to become photographers we can all admire and I hope to catch up with all of you again in the near future.

I wish you all every success and I thank the chair Graham Currey for all of his continued support with my own work.

If you're a keen photographer (and it makes no difference at what level you're at), then seek out your local camera club, they truly are a fantastic way to meet fellow photographers, get advice, share ideas and develop your skills.

Good luck!


Photo Credit: Richard @ SMCC

By Dave Henshaw, Mar 7 2016 12:31AM

I am delighted to be starting this week off with another guest speaker appearance at the South Manchester Camera Club, I was there just last month and the reception from this amazing group of fellow photographers was truly fantastic.

I'm hoping this time that I'll have a little more time to answer questions relating to my work and to sharing a few of the techniques I use.

All are welcome and the start time is 8pm, you can find out more by visiting the official SMCC website.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you.


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